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Somewhere along the line, your dog has crossed paths with a skunk. And doing what dogs do, it went after it. Probably just having fun, with a little intimidating barking along with the chase. Well, the skunk can’t run real fast, and cant bark back of course, so well… now you have a skunkey smelling dog. Don’t sweat it, it can be washed off with a simple solution made up right in the kitchen, and your pooch will be smelling sweet again in no time. The important thing is NOT TO LET THE DOG IN THE HOUSE! Then give us a call so we can get that skunk out of your yard. Call us seven days a week at 800-714-8727

A skunk sprayed dog will want inside, because it feels safe there. But it will try to rub the stink off itself onto your carpet, and other furniture. You and the dog wont be best friends if you let that happen, so lets just nip that in the bud right away.

Follow this recipe and the scent will wash away like it was never there. I’m not talking about tomato juice bath or anything like that, I’m talking about breaking down the chemistry of skunk spray, and washing it completely away!

In a plastic pail pour a quart of hydrogen peroxide, and give it a couple of shots of dawn dishwashing liquid. That’s it! Now use it on the dog like shampoo and rinse, repeat again… and you’re done! Contact us to remove that skunk so this doesn’t happen to your pet again! We’re open seven days a week! 800-714-8727

The chemicals in skunk spray is sulpher compounds (taken out by the hydrogen) and grease (we know what dawn does, so there ya are!)

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