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Skunk Removal is specialized work in the animal control field. Not because they are hard to trap, quite the opposite. But once you have the skunk in a trap… what do you do now? Its a stink bomb ready to explode. I can go over some of the finer points of skunk removal here and give you a few ideas of what can happen if the skunk removal goes bad. We are not skunk exterminators. We do not kill skunks normally. This will help you decide if you want a professional to remove the skunk, or if you want to give it a shot on your own. Be careful because the spray from a skunk can blind people and pets! We can trap and relocate that skunk so it no longer sprays in your yard again. We service ALL CITIES of Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and Orange County.

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  • Skunk Under Porch

We could trap the Skunk living under your porch, but we have to think about what happens between the time we catch him, and the time we get to him and get him removed from the area. Mailman, neighborhood dogs, children, some people may not see the Skunk and scare him when they approach the home. That could scare the Skunk, and he will spray them. Or the curious people and dogs which see the cage, and want to investigate. Once again, we have a problem that could have been avoided. When a Skunk Removal Professional gets to a job, he weighs the risks, and chooses the best method of removal. On most Skunk under porch calls, I use one way doors to let the Skunk out, and not back in. That way there is no Skunk in the morning to spray anyone. Call us today to stay Skunk free!

  • Skunk Under a House

Once again, we don’t set traps under houses for good reason. We have to drag a trap with a Skunk in it to where we can grab the trap. I like my Skunk traps where I can easily get to them without upsetting the Skunk. This will much lessen the chances of being sprayed. Another good point is that we don’t set traps where the Skunk is, we set them where there going to be. Sometimes we will use a one way door here too, and some other times there are baby Skunks under there. We don’t want them to die of starvation or dehydration, so when this happens, we can go about the skunk removal differently. Whatever your situation is we can help. Breeding season is almost here, call us today!


  • Skunk in a Trap

Now you have a Skunk in a trap, and you feel that the right thing to do is to take him far away, and release it. Do you have a truck? You better not put him in the trunk of your car because if you hit a bump, its going to scare him into making a stinky! Getting a Skunk from the catch site is a trick in itself. First we test the Skunks attitude. On our slow and easy approach, we watch every move that Skunk makes, and analyze it for signs of hostility, or fear. Either one could make the stinker go off, and we don’t want that. So we take our time, and actually talk to the Skunk to calm him sometimes. We relocate these animals seven days a week and if you need them trapped call us at –

  • Skunks Digging in the Lawn

We will need to trap the little buggers in this case. Once again, we need to be careful where we set up at. We don’t want to cause a bigger mess than we already have. We will also need to use a Skunk bait that will pull his attention away from the tasty grubs that brought them there in the first place. We will use humane traps, and treat the fellas well, so you don’t feel bad for having them trapped. We will relocate them to a better place where they won’t be bothering anyone and will be in their natural environment. The many fires in Los Angeles and San Diego cause these animals to look for food in the city. We also service Long Beach, Orange county, and Torrance. Call us today!   Skunks digging up lawn

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  • Skunk Odor Removal

We remove Skunk odor from under homes using negative air machines. We remove the source of odor, whether it is a live Skunk or a dead one. Then we remove the surrounding material, then we install a device which pulls the smell out and away from your house. No need for candles or cover smells. In a couple days your home will be comfortable and free of odor. We have a Skunk odor specialist in Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange counties. Give us a call if you have a odor issue that wont go away.


We have Skunk Removal Offices in the following areas:

California : Los Angeles – San Diego – Orange County – Sacramento – San Francisco

Arizona : Phoenix – Gilbert – Flagstaff

Missouri : St. Louis

Illinois : Rockford – Chicago – Springfield

Iowa : Cedar Falls

Wisconsin : Wisconsin Rapids – Madison – Milwaukee – La Crosse – Green Bay – Minocqua

Skunk Removal is specialized work once again, and should be left to professionals. Both you and the Skunk will be much happier in the long run! I hope this helped clear up a few questions you may have had. Call our dispatcher seven days a week at 800-714-8727 for information and appointment.



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