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Skunk Removal in Sacramento has become a much needed service in all cities of Sacramento.

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Baby Skunks will be mobile soon and this is when problems begin!


Skunk removal services has become more popular in all cities of  Sacramento. Skunks like other wild animals, are coming to the city to look for food, water, and a place to live. If you discover that you have small holes being dug all over your lawn, this is most likely a skunk. Skunks will dig for worms and grubs this is one of their favorite foods. If you have a garden they will raid that for the fruits and vegetables that you work hard to grow for you and your family. If you live in Sacramento and this is happening to you, we can help! Our skunk removal professional will trap that skunk in a humane trap and relocate him to his natural enviroment. Skunks also come to the city of Sacramento to look for a place to live. Common places skunks will make a home are, under your home, in a crawl space, under a deck or porch or even under a shed. Our company deals with skunk removal under structures everyday in Los Angeles. If you have a skunk living under your house we can trap and relocate the skunk or use our new one-way door process. If you have a family of skunks our one-way door system will save you some money rather than trapping. Our skunk professional will locate the area where the skunk broke in and make a one-way door to fit the hole. The skunks have to leave at night to get food and water so they have to use the door to get out but it only opens one way. The door opens out but not in. When they come back they can’t get back in so they are forced to go somewhere else. Either way we can handle your skunk removal issues in Sacramento. If a skunk has sprayed while living under your house our company also does skunk odor removal! Once our skunk professional has removed the skunk or skunks we can start the odor removal process. Our company has developed a negative air machine that gets you odor free in about 24 hours! Our skunk professional will install this machine under your house and all it requires from the home owner is electricity or a place to plug it in. This machine will suck the stinky air out from underneath your house and replace it with fresh air. Our skunk professional will disinfect and deodorize the area also. Our company does skunk removal and skunk odor removal seven days a week in all cities of Sacramento. Give us a call today and our dispatcher Kim will put you in contact with our skunk professional!! We have offices in Granite Bay, Fair Oaks, New Castle, Folsom, Pocket, Rocklin, Fairfield, Marin County and Napa County.

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