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Breeding season is here!

We can get rid of skunk odor that usually comes along with the skunks in San Jose, California! If you smell the skunk inside your home, chances are that you have a skunk under your home, or maybe just under the porch or deck of your home. In any event, You should get rid of that skunk before it decides to have a litter of young, or dies under your home in San Hose. It is so much easier and cheaper to remove skunks when they are alive.

San Jose California is home to the striped skunk, and the spotted skunk. Believe it or not, the spotted skunk can actually climb pretty well! We use non – lethal measures to remove skunks in San Jose in most cases. Trapping skunks anywhere takes equipment, tools, and knowledge of skunk behavior to be successful.

You may wonder how a skunk pest control person in San Jose gets away with not being sprayed. Truth is, we do get sprayed by skunks sometimes. In that case we discard our clothes, ( no hope for them) And we wash with peroxide with a good shot of Dawn Dish washing Liquid. Then rinse with water and repeat once more. That should remove the skunk odor easily.



    Skunks digging up lawn


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