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If you live in Torrance, California and are smelling or seeing skunks, you are not alone. Skunks are moving into all cities of Los Angeles, including Torrance. Just like other wild animals, they come to Torrance looking for food, water and shelter. Fires, floods and drought cause these animals to move to the city to survive. The Skunk population is rising every year in Los Angeles. Besides the stinky smell and the spraying of skunks, they also cause other problems for the citizens of Los Angeles and Torrance. Skunks need to eat and they will cause problems just doing that. Keeping your garbage in a tightly sealed container is a good start. Skunks like to make a mess of your garbage while looking for scraps. If you discover small holes all over your lawn, this is probably due to a skunk living close by. Skunks like to dig for worms that they like to eat causing a lot of damage to your lawn. Leaving your pet food out at night will also attract a skunk. Skunks will not tolerate a dog or cat either, they will just spray your pet causing you more problems. The people of Torrance can help controlling the skunk problem by not feeding their pets outside, or leaving any food or water source available to a hungry skunk. You can’t control what your neighbors do so in the event that you have a skunk that won’t go away our skunk removal professional can humanely trap your skunk for you to get your problem resolved. Our company also does skunk odor removal in all cities of Los Angeles including Torrance. Skunk breeding season is almost here and this is the time when skunks will look for a place to live and raise their babies. Skunks like to make a home under a structure such as your home, deck or even a shed. If you are smelling a skunk inside or outside, could be the skunk is already living under your home in Torrance, California. Call us today and our Skunk Removal professional will answer any questions you may have and get your skunk problems under control. We are here to help seven days a week!

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