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Breeding season is here!


Skunk Control has become a important issue in all areas of California. Skunks have been moving in to cities of California for many reasons. Breeding season has started and Skunks will be causing odor issues. The Skunk population has been rising every year! This causes problems for the citizens of California. Skunks are diggers and very good at it. A Skunk will dig up your lawn looking for worms that they like to eat. If you have a vegetable garden they will clean out your garden and do damage to it in one night. Skunks will dig to get under your house in California to make a home. If you have family pets, Skunks will not be afraid of them, he will just keep spraying them to keep them away. When breeding season starts, Skunks will spray to attract the opposite sex. This becomes a problem for the citizens of California when they decide to spray under your home. Skunk spray is strong and very toxic. When a Skunk sprays under your house it will stink up the inside of your house for days. Skunk spray can blind a human or pets. Skunk Control starts with the people of California. There’s things that you can do to prevent Skunks from coming around. Keeping your garbage secure and taking your pet food inside at night makes a big difference. Food and water sources will draw in all sorts of wild animals in California. Our company uses humane traps to trap and relocate the pesty animals. Our Skunk Control Professionals also does Skunk Odor Removal in California. When Skunks have babies the odor gets out of control because the babies don’t know what spraying is for yet. To a baby Skunk spraying is like a game or a fun thing to do. If you have a family of Skunks our Skunk Control Professional can humanely remove the whole family. No matter what the situation we can take care of any skunk issue you may have. Don’t wait breeding season is almost here!

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