One Way Door

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Baby Skunks will be mobile soon and this is when the problems begin!

One Way Doors

These one way doors are made in my shop. I have developed and manufactured skunk removal systems for years, and believe in solid equipment. These one way skunk removal doors are made from 1/2 inch X 1 inch openings. the welded and galvanized wire is heavy 16 gauge metal to avoid the skunk from damaging it when it tries to re-enter, but also to last for years.

The device is screwed down to the building where the skunk is entering and exiting. The rest of the lower area is fenced off to avoid re-entry. It is all explained in my Skunk Removal E-Book which I anticipate will be published about June of 2015

Skunk Removal One Way Door
The one way doors are shipped within 3 days to your door.
Price each  $25.00