States we Service

We are not a free service, but we do offer competitive rates on all trapping and wildlife removal work!

Skunk removal sounds like the dirtiest and stinkiest job in the world, but lucky for you that a select few men and women across North America find this to be a great way to make a living! We sometimes joke about our perfume when we get hit with some stinky mist, but it washes off.

We are quite connected in the wildlife control industry, and the nuisance animal controllers on the list are well equipped with knowledge and equipment to remove your problem skunks without a shot fired from either end. Pest control operators are always looking for a good skunk guy to pass calls to, because without any sort of training it could end badly.

Skunks are able to dig, and you will find evidence of that when you see a fresh pile of soil next to your home. Something most people don’t notice until they smell the skunk scent coming up through the floor of their shed or home. They will also dig for grubs and worms in your yard. They can pin point the target location with their nose with laser accuracy compared to most other animals, and leave a hole in your lawn about the size of an egg.

If you don’t see your state listed, leave me an e-mail and I will find you a skunk removal professional in your area.