If you live in Anaheim and need Skunk Removal or Skunk Odor Removal we can help! We are here to assist you with any Skunk issue you may have seven days a week!

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  • Skunk Under House

If you discover that you have a Skunk living under your house in Anaheim, California, this is not uncommon. The Skunk population in the city has been rising every year! Breeding season is almost here and Skunks are causing odor issues. Skunks choose to live under houses because they feel safe from predators. They also like it because during the day they sleep and they like a place that is dark and dry. A Skunk may have chosen your house because there is a food source close by. It is important to keep your pet food inside if you own a cat or dog. Call us today and our Skunk Removal Professional can get that stinky critter out from under your house in Anaheim.

  • Skunk Trapper

If you have a Skunk living in your yard or under your house we can help. We use humane live traps to catch your Skunk. Once you discover that the Skunk is in the trap, we ask that you call us right away so we can pick it up. This way the animal wont starve or get too hot in the sun. Our Professional Trapper will come get the Skunk and relocate it outside the city limits where it won’t bother anybody. Sometimes the Skunk is stubborn and won’t go into the trap, we have another method we can use if this is the case. This is a new method that our company developed it’s called a one-way door. Our Skunk Professional in Anaheim will install a one-way door to fit the area where the Skunk got in. When the Skunk goes out at night to go get food and water he is forced to use that one-way door. The door only opens out and not in. When the Skunk comes back he can’t get back in and is forced to go somewhere else. Either way our Skunk Removal Professional will correct the problem.

  • Skunk Odor Removal

If you have a Skunk who has sprayed under your house we can help. When a Skunk sprays under your house in Ananheim, the smell will linger for days. It will make the inside of your house stink too. First thing our Skunk Professional will do is get rid of the Skunk and make sure you are Skunk free. Then we will start the odor removal process. Our Professional will install a negative air machine under your house. All this requires from the home owner is electricity to run the machine. This machine sucks the air out from under the house to allow fresh air in. Usually within 24 hours the smell is gone. This process works great.

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Breeding season is approaching!

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