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Baby Skunks will be mobile soon and this is when the problems begin!

If you smell Skunk under your house, deck, or in your garage, call a Professional Skunk Trapper to do the removal. You might not have trouble getting the Skunk in the trap, but that’s when it gets ugly in Illinois!

Trapping Skunks in Illinois means being careful where the trap is set. General public can’t have access to a trapped Skunk because a Skunk in a trap gives people a false sense of security. The Skunk in the cage will spray an approaching enemy.

When Skunks in Illinois spray, it not only smells bad, but it is corrosive! It burns the eyes like mace. It will melt rubber gloves, as well as smell bad!

A Skunk Trapper in Illinois knows how to handle a Skunk in a trap without being sprayed, so save yourself the pain, and embarrassment and call us to put a Pest Animal Removal agent on the job!

If you or your dog gets sprayed by Mr. Skunk, pour a bottle of peroxide into a pail, add an ounce or two of dawn dish soap, and use it like shampoo. Rinse and repeat, that should do it. That’s what I use when I make a mistake while removing a Skunk!