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Baby Skunks will be mobile soon and this is when the problems being!

If you have issues with any of these other little guys, click a link and feel free to read up!
Skunks in Bell County are a significant pest to control when under your home or deck. They also dig holes in the yard looking for grubs, and spray our dogs! So what good are Skunks anyway? In the long run, if Skunks didn’t stink…they would be extinct! They don’t run fast, and can’t fight very well.

Skunk Trappers in Bell County have most likely been trapping Skunks since early childhood. They have it figured out … so to speak. They know where to set a trap to catch a Skunk, and the best Skunk bait to use in Bell County for the time of year. Bell County Skunk Removal Experts also know where to position a trap so the Skunk doesn’t spray a dog or mail man when they are in the trap. ( It takes a little for thought)

Skunk Odor Removal in Bell County is another service that we offer. If your dog or cat was sprayed by a Skunk, bathe them in the following:

In a plastic bucket mix:

1 bottle of Peroxide

1 table spoon of Baking Soda

3 ounces of Dawn Dish washing soap

Use this as a shampoo, rinse, and repeat!

Now if a Skunk has sprayed under your home in Bell County, its time to get a professional out there. We have the equipment to de-oderize the crawl space under your home.

Skunks poison in Bell County isn’t only illegal, it also isn’t a good idea. The Skunk could die under your home or deck! The smell of a dead Skunk will have you sick to your stomach, calling for a dead animal removal tech to be there in a hurry. Dogs and cats can also get poisoned by accident.

Trapping Skunks in Bell County can also become a problem if you actually do catch one… what are you going to do with it? A Skunk Trapper knows how to approach a Skunk in a trap without getting sprayed.


We service the following cities in Bell County:

Belton, Harker Heights, Holland, Killeen, Little River-Academy, Morgans Point Resort, Nolanville, Rogers, Salado, Temple, Troy, Academy, Airville, Belco, Belfalls, Berger, Bland, Brookhaven, Cedar Valley, Chaffee Village, Curry Crossing, Cyclone, Ding Dong, Donahoe, Edgeworth, Gober, Heidenheimer, Hobbs, Joe Lee, Jubilee Springs, Leedale, Little River, Lone Star, Maxdale, McNair Village, Meador Grove, Meeks, Midway, Moffat, Mountain View Estates, New Colony, Ocker, Oenaville, Oscar, Owl Creek, Pendleton, Prairie DELL, Ratibor, Red Ranger, Seaton, Smith, Sommers Mill, Sparks, Stampede, Stringtown, Union Grove, Union Hill, Vilas, Walker Village, Westcliff, White Hall, Woodland, Youngsport, Zabcikville

We also : Trap Raccoons, Stray Cats, Coyotes, Remove Bats, Snake Proof Yards, Remove Bird Nests, Clean Attic Spaces, Trap Squirrels, Get Rid of Skunks, Trap Gophers, Bat proof Houses, and just about anything animal or bird related.