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Breeding season is approaching!

Wisconsin has it’s share of Skunk issues! When customers seem surprised that a Skunk would be in town, or in a major city, I tell them that the living is easier in town than in the wilderness.

To break it down for you, I need to paint the picture as though you were the Skunk. Look around you from the level of a Skunk. There are homes everywhere, with dog food, cat food, fruit trees, gardens, and irrigation! The houses can be dug under to make a safe and warm shelter for baby Skunks to grow up healthy and strong. Why would they want to live in the wilderness?

Skunks are nocturnal animals, this is why you normally don’t see them in the day time. They have a really good sense of smell, but not such good eye sight so they are not hard to catch, its just hard to deal with a Skunk in a trap. In most cases where a Skunk has invaded a shed or dug under a home, I would rather use a one way door. The next step is to use trenching tools to make a concrete bar to hold the wire mesh which Skunk proof the building. Now all the Skunks can get out, and not back in.

Wisconsin also has its share of ice and snow! But we can get through it alright, providing the temps are above zero degrees. January and February are the breeding times for Skunks. They will go under porches and two males will fight to the death for the female. This is why the smell of a Skunk is noticed in the late winter, and when the babies are born in the spring.

We do Skunk Trapping, Removal, and Skunk Odor Removal in the following counties of Wisconsin:

Portage County

Wood County

Vernon County

Juneau County

Trempaleau County

Sauk County

Monroe County

Adams County

Clark County

Dane County

Jackson County

La Crosse County