Monroe County

We are not a free service, but we do offer competitive rates on all trapping and wildlife removal work!

Skunk Removal is’nt a task for the under trained. When I started trapping for fur in Wisconsin in 1974 at the age of 9, I would catch a skunk in a foot hold trap, and dispatch it with a rifle from a distance. Then I would harvest the skunk scent from the glands, and use it to make lure for other animals. The fur was removed from the carcass, and scraped clean of meat and fat. Then I would place it on a fur frame, and carefully dry it before taking it….and many others to the buyer.
If you have issues with any of these other little guys, click a link and feel free to read up!


Today I only set traps for skunks when the little guys are digging in grass for grubbs, or eating pet food, or raiding tomatoe gardens. and most of those skunks are captured in live traps, and carefully relocated to a wilderness environment. The cages need to be handeled carefully unless you want to smell like a skunk yourself!

Most of the complaints I get are about skunks digging under porches, or under sheds and garages. I can usually get these situations corrected using one way doors, and trenching tools. I skunk proof the building using concrete and cage wire.

I also offer skunk smell removal. Using fans, the skunk scent will follow the air flow outside instead of coming up through your floor