Skunk Odor Removal

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Skunks are some prolific diggers! They are made for digging … and spraying! That’s what skunks do, and we cant hate them for that. Skunk smell is mainly oil produced by a gland near the anus of a skunk. There are two vents just inside the rectum of the animal which, when mister le Pew applies pressure by pinching his back legs together, can squire the skunk spray 15 feet! It is yellowish in color and even a little goes a long way. Sulfur compounds are what give skunk spray such a horrible odor.

Skunk spray is used to ward off predators. Many animals like to eat skunks because they are slow, and rather tender. If a skunk didn’t stink, it would be extinct in Los Angeles.

  • Removing Skunk Odor/ Smell/ Spray, from a house


A skunk under a house, or in a crawl space will stink the whole house up! We use a machine to remove skunk odor fast, and give you relief. If your dog has been sprayed by a skunk, try using my trick to de skunk him.

one bottle of peroxide in a plastic bucket

one ounce of dawn dish washing liquid

Mix it all up and use it like shampoo on the dog. Rinse him off and do it one more tome. That should take care of it, just be sure to clean out the dogs mouth and face more than the rest.